Today, consumers count onbeing able to access the information they need wherever they are.  When you are on the road or travelling, using the mobile phone is the most natural thing. Whether it is checking train times, traffic, checking in for a flight or looking for the best deal, the mobile plays an increasing role.

Mobiletech develops mobile solutions for Transport and Travel using the latest HTML5 technology, automatic positioning and online feeds.

The Danish Railways (DSB) carries more than 195 million train passengers every year.

The company had one primary objective – to get more people to buy digital tickets instead of purchasing tickets through the ticket office.  It was crucial to build a mobile solution that could reach all mobile handsets and which could easily integrate with DSB’s back-end systems.

Mobiletech created a railway portal that automatically supports the wide variety of mobile phones used by travellers. The solution, which includes positioning services, makes it both easy and quick for all mobile users to book their tickets.

The railway portal is hugely popular and ticket sales from mobile phones have increased more than six fold since it was launched.


Mobile Marketing is becoming a strategic part of the communications mix for more and more brands. The mobile provides a powerful opportunity to reach customers wherever they are, and to engage them with personalised communications and marketing programmes.

Connecting with consumers in this way result in better customer knowledge and enable companies to make more intelligent and personal marketing campaigns that achieve higher response rates.

Mobiletech has developed mobile solutions for many brands and mobile marketing campaigns using mobile CRM, direct marketing, text messaging and mobile internet.

A worldwide pioneer, Nespresso redefined the way coffee lovers around the world enjoy their coffee through a unique combination of premium quality Grand Cru coffees, smart coffee machines and exceptional customer services.

When Nespresso’s capsules patent expired after ten years, competitors could suddenly sell coffee capsules for use In Nespresso machines.  A digital brand, with products only available to order online or via the phone, Nespresso now had an urgent need to make it even more attractive for customers to be part of its exclusive club. It also needed to make it even easier to buy coffee – easier than picking up a pack during a regular shopping trip.

With the help of Mobiletech, Nespresso design campaigs to engage  their customers through mobile CRM.

It started by getting consent to communicating with customers. The campaigns went on to provide ongoing news and special offers ranging from new coffee flavours to coffee machines. Customers can order their regular shipment simply requesting ‘same as last time’ via SMS and mobile web.  Quick Response codes (QR) on packaging give customers mobile access to user instructions to help them operate coffee machines easily and immediately.

Nespresso’s response rates to mobile customer campaigns are as high as 25-35 percent. When you reach out to customers in the right manner, the return is high.


It is increasingly difficult to engage consumers through traditional marketing and media channels. The mobile phone has become a powerful tool for retailers to target their customers and engage them with personalised communications and promotions – reaching the consumer in his or her pocket wherever they are.


NorgesGruppen is Norway’s largest retailer with 1900 grocery stores and 700 kiosks across the country. Through grocery stores such as SPAR, Meny, Joker and Kiwi, it has a market share of nearly 40 percent. The company has a multichannel marketing strategy where integration of web, mobile Internet and social networks play a crucial part.

The company uses mobile Internet and mobile applications developed by Mobiletech to promote special offers and increase brand loyalty among their customers. According to Norgesgruppen, there is a significant increase in spending among customers who receive special offers through mobile web, compared to non-digital user groups.

NorgesGruppen’s strategy will see continued investment in mobile web solutions as a key marketing channel and it has a range of mobile projects in the pipeline to continue to profit from mobile opportunities.


For large corporations it is important to show leadership by exploiting opportunities made possible by new technology. It is also important to engage with their audience, whether employees or customers, where these can be reached most effectively.

Business-to business marketing using mobile phones is new for many enterprises. It has significant potential, but may be more difficult and technically challenging because it often requires heavy back-end IT integration.  Mobiletech helps enterprises prioritise what to do.

Norsk Hydro is a global supplier of aluminium products with operations in 40 countries.

In some of these countries, the number of mobile users outnumbers the number of PC users.  This is the case in Brazil for example, where three times more people use mobile phones compared to PCs. In this situation, and with such a global presence, a mobile strategy is important to reach and engage effectively with both employees and customers.

The mobile solution is designed to deliver the same objectives as the website itself –  bring important news about Norsk Hydro to the community around them, including job opportunities, IR-related news and Hydro’s locations.

For Hydro, it was crucial that the mobile solution could integrate with its existing CMS system EpiServer. It was also important that they could maintain the mobile site in-house and preferably keep just one workflow from web through to mobile.


An essential undertaking for public sector organisations is to inform citizens and provide access to information.  Increasingly this needs to include provision for mobile devices to meet the needs of citizens on the move.

Vårdguiden is a highly regarded Swedish health portal, particularly aimed at citizens in the capital of Stockholm. It provides public access to information and advice concerning medical and healthcare matters through a print publication, a popular website and a substantial call centre.

In 2010 it wanted to extend its service to people in need of health advice while on the move. At the same time, it was under pressure to reduce waiting times for people contacting the call centre and the number of personnel manning it.

It was important for Vårdguiden that its service be accessible for everyone. It chose a mobile web solution with automatic support for all types of handheld devices, whether new or old.  In addition, a feature that automatically redirects mobile users to the mobile optimized version of

Mobiletech’s solution contains selected content from the web and print editions, combined with special features for the mobile such as ‘find nearest doctor’ or ‘emergency room’. It leverages automatic positioning of the user and integrations with social media. Additional features include searching articles on diseases, a pregnancy calendar and health tests.

The initiative has proved popular with the public. Continued measurements shows a ten-fold increase in visitor numbers and pages viewed during the first nine months of 2011. In addition, waiting times at the call centre have been reduced as mobile users find answers via the mobile service.


The news and media industry has pioneered the market with its use of digital and mobile media. It arguably has the most challenging job of all – to ensure that news and content is available and up-to-date all the time and in real-time. Meeting readers wherever they are, and giving them an unrivalled user experience regardless of the device they use or the speed of their connection, is crucial to increasing traffic and building loyalty.

More than 350 media brands within the News and Media sector are using Mobiletech to publish their mobile portals ranging from local, regional and national newspapers to TV stations. Mobiletech has deep integration into several web CMS systems, and offer an advanced solution for Escenic (Viz Mobile Expansion).

Voice of America

Voice of America is a multimedia international broadcasting service founded by the U.S. Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). It broadcasts approximately 1,500 hours of news, information, educational and cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of 125 million people.

Voice of America launched 40 mobile web sites covering 25 different languages based on Mobiletech’s platform in 2010. Today, Mobiletech serves 82 mobile web sites within the BBG brand. A key requirement was that the solution could provide an excellent user experience for the reader, at the same time as journalists and content owners had flexibility and full editorial control. It was also crucial that the solution could easily scale to accommodate traffic growth and additional sites.

“Mobile is important to Voice of America. Not only is it the fastest growing media on the planet right now, it is important because there are more users of mobile internet in some parts of the world today than of desktop internet. In addition we cover large parts of the world where users are much more likely to use mobile internet than the regular www-site.”  Rebecca McMenamin, New Media Director, Voice of America/International Broadcasting Bureau.

Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

In July 2011 Dagens Nyheter, the biggest daily morning newspaper in Sweden, released the redesign of

“Together with the technical knowhow from Mobiletech we are delivering a mobile web that is very close to an app, but still has out-of-the-box fallback solutions for any device in the world. It is great that we are able to use the same solution to provide iPhone and Android apps to our audience”, Björn Hedensjö, Managing Editor at

The Globe and Mail

In print for 165 years, The Globe and Mail has consistently delivered Canada’s best and deepest coverage of national, international and business news. With a cumulative six-day readership total of over 2.4 million, The Globe and Mail enjoys a large and highly loyal readership.

“When we started working with Mobiletech, our mobile fortunes took an immediate turn. We were able to create a delightful and consistent experience across all platforms. This has resulted in exponential traffic growth where serious revenue is starting to flow and leading to meaningful contributions to our bottom line”.  Angus Frame, VP digital media.
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The Washington Post

The Washington Post provides the critical insight and information their audience needs to understand how what happens in Washington impacts the entire world. It has award-winning journalism and journalists, and leverages the most innovative and engaging digital platforms and tools to support a global dialogue.

“We know real growth is in mobile and it’s a top priority for us. We’ve taken dramatic steps to make our new mobile site even more useful, innovative and compelling.”

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Mobiletech helps telcos communicate with and build loyalty with their customers using the mobile phone. This helps maximize loyalty, minimize churn and increase additional sale.


Netcom is Norway’s second largest mobile operator. It has a mobile network that reaches across Norway and provides a wide range of communications solutions for consumers and businesses.

Mobiletech has worked with Netcom since 2008 to deliver all its mobile marketing. This includes campaigns as well as regular client communications to welcome new customers or win back former users.

Netcom found an opportunity to build competitive advantage by working with Mobiletech to create an exceptional ‘My Page’ solution.  The solution adapts to the customer’s individual style of phone to give users a complete overview of their subscription, personalized special offers and tips on how to get more from their subscription. The mobile portal gives NetCom the opportunity to have one-to-one dialogue with its customers.


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