October 13, 2008

Mobile Router – One url, regardless of device

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As usual Mobiletech has been busy creating features to make sure the end users are happy. Now we finally have some statistics describing the effect of the mobile router

The mobile router enables our customers to focus their marketing on a single url, regardless of whether the terminal is mobile or a good old desktop machine. This means that the url can be example.com and the mobile router takes care of presenting the mobile version to handheld devices, and the desktop version to the desktop devices. So, no more wap., mobile., m. etc. just one simple, well known url.

So, what is the effect of doing this? Well, we have had a pilot running for some time now and the results are pretty amazing! Of course, the effect will vary depending on the type of customer, but this definitely shows that “url problem” on mobile devices is worth solving.

The graph below shows the reference case. The short story is that the average number of front page views increased by 50% when enabling the mobile router! On average 20% of the requests for a “www.example.com”-type url are actually mobile devices.

If you want more information about this product, please contact us. Of course you can read more on the mobile router here, as well.

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