February 4, 2009

.tel domain name? Anything for you?

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Yesterday the landrush period of .tel domain names opened. What it .tel? Well, it’s a tld such as .com, .net and .mobi. It is administered by Telnic. Do we need another tld, you say? There is a difference from what we are used to, so you decide. I’ll give a crash course here.

A .tel domain name can look like this: example.tel. So what. Well, what is different from other tld’s where the DNS contains the IP address to the server serving a web page (or other resource), the DNS of a .tel name contains contact information such as phone number, address, location, SIP-stuff etc. So this has nothing (or little) to do with internet and web. It’s kind of an online global contact directory for companies or individuals to register contact details that will be avalable to anyone. This information can be accessed through a web browser of course, try for example http://telnic.tel/, used by social networking sites such as facefook, twitter, skype etc. or by applications of course.

So, do you need a .tel domain name because you have a mobile internet site? No. We have other tricks for that.

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