February 10, 2008

Telecom in USA

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From Europe we are pretty spolid with open and friendly mobile operators, offering CPA services, openness etc. Some exceptions though, but I have just been experiencing the US market from the inside talking to people trying to enter the wireless world. They are struggling with the, for us Europeans, unusual ways of making business…

I think Jason Devitt from Skydeck sums it up pretty well.

Its wrong to say that the US market is “behind” compared to the Scandinavian market. It is “behind” or under developed in some terms, but mostly its just different and developing in another direction. Mostly because of the mobile operators reluctance to open up and offer their services in a “CPA”-like way. The results are that the content and service provides take all kinds of strange actions to bypass the carrier-obstacle. For example offering, as a downloadable midlet, what should have been a mobile internet service. They are forced to find alternative platforms to the internet. They are actually seriously discussing sms as a new and hot platform!

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