February 11, 2009

Using Opera might be cheap but ignores the value of optimizing to the mobile context

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In the Norwegian online magazine Digi Opera says that they can reduce the cost of using mobile internet by 20%. Might be true but we here at Mobiletech feel the need to throw light on a few things regarding that.

The article concerns surfing using Opera Mini on web sites made for desktop browsers. In these cases Opera is doing a great job in terms of minimizing the data cost and making the content displayable on a small screen. Thats good!

On sites that already are optimized for mobile, however, by Mobiletechs own brilliant products for exaple, this is not the case. Mobile optimized sites, made to fit the mobile context and utilise the features in the end users browser are way lighter and does not produce much data traffic as they also are compressed. So in terms of datatraffic on mobile optimised sites, as most of the popular sites are, there is not much to gain by using Opera Mini. In adition you get a superb presentation, editorial -controll and -freedom by making a mobile optimised portal.

So Opera is doing a great job on the sites that do not have a mobile optimised presentation, but for the rest of the mobile portals out there the moral is “use your favourite browser, mobiletech will make sure it works, it looks good, it’s cheap and it’s fast”.

UPDATE: Christian replying to Opera (transleted to english by Google

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