January 25, 2008

Welcome to Mobiletechs blog!

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We continously recieve questions from our customers, and others, regarding all kinds of mobile related stuff. Of course, we are happy to answer and help our friends out there, but after answering the same question 1000 times over the phone or writing the same email for the 1000th time, we figured; lets document this in a blog! And here we are!

So, here you will find information about any issue, news, cool stuff, technology, what’s on our, or yours, mind. Stuff that we feel it is important that you know, stuff that we think is relevant, stuff that is not that relevant, but cool anyway, and our oppinions on what’s happening out there.

Knowlede is an important part of what Mobiletech has to offer. The people who work here are highly competent and have a long and interesting experience from the mobile business world wide. Some of us have been in the business since the beginning, some of us wisely waited until the revival of mobile services. Common for all of us; we have a burning desire to change how the mobile channel us used. We all have loads of good ideas on how to make mobile services better and more useful both for the end user and for the content owner.

Stay tuned! 

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