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Public sector goes mobile

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

After having worked for years with primarily private companies as customers, Mobiletech is now also expanding into the public sector. And the public sector in Scandinavia is reaching out for mobile as a new effective way of communicating with the citizens.

In just a few months Mobiletech has provided large mobile information portals for local councils in Denmark as well as Norway. In Sweden the army has launched a large mobile portal build on Mobiletech technology, and many more projects are on the way for central governments and local public institutions.

“Mobile is a fantastic way of building ‘anywhere, anytime’ interactive dialogues with citizens, and the see the development in the public sector over the past few months as a proof that the public sector is really embracing this interesting new media!”, says Mobiletech CEO, Christian Erichssen.

Check some services on:

“DN mobilen” won prize in Miami

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Sunday, June 14th, 2009

We congratulate with their well-earned prize in Miami!

We have written about “DN mobilen” earlier here.

Read more in (Translated to English)

Mobiletech powering sites for Cox Ohio Publishing

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Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

It is with great pleasure Mobiletech can announce the launch of 8 newspaper for the US publisher Cox Ohio Publishing. 

Cox Ohio Publishing is running content management software from our partner Escenic. This enables Cox to maintain the optimal editorial workflow and benefit from the editorial freedom and control such a solution is providing. The mobile sites are:



Read more in the press release from Escenic.

Sifo and Mobiletech launching mobile metrics in Sweden

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Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

This week Sifo Research International and Mobiletech announced that we will offer official mobile metrics for the Swedish mobile internet market. Mobiletech is already providing this service for the Norwegian market toghether with TNS-Gallup.

Read the press release in English (translated by Google)

Official press release in Swedish:

SIFO Research International lanserar mobilmätningar

2009-05-04 14:15

Nu lanserar SIFO Research International mobilmätningar för den svenska marknaden. SIFO RI har tecknat ett avtal med en underleverantör, Mobiletech, som samarbetar med de svenska mobiloperatörerna. Den tekniska mätningen redovisas varje vecka på och KIAIndex. Mätningen ger information om användarens faktiska beteende. Mobiletech står bakom den teknik som samlar in primärdata, medan SIFO kvalitetssäkrar, analyserar och rapportera data.

Mobiletech levererar även mjukvara för mobila tjänster till många svenska kunder, däribland Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, SvD, E24, Gota Media, Sydsvenskan, Skånemedia, UNT, med flera. Såväl den tekniska som den metodmässiga lösningen för trafikmätning i mobilkanalen kommer att vara den samma som de officiella mätningar som sedan några månader tillbaka genomförs på den norska marknaden.

- Vi har länge sett behovet av trafikmätningar för den mobila marknaden som har vuxit de senaste åren. I år tror vi dessutom på en kraftig expansion för mobilmarknaden. En gemensam valuta ger positiva effekter för både annonsörer och mediebolag då man får jämförbarhet med övriga medier, 

säger Stefan Svanfeldt affärsområdeschef på SIFO RI. Vår ambition är att inom kort även att lansera individ och målgruppsmätningar för mobilmarknaden, fortsätter Stefan Svanfeldt.

- Vi ser en stadig tillväxt i mobilkanalen, och behovet för mätningar är uppenbart både för annonsörer och sajtägare. Mobilkanalen är fortfarande relativt ny, men med snabbare uppkopplingar och bättre terminaler kommer vi se en fortsatt stark tillväxt med fler avancerade kommunikationslösningar framöver, säger Anders Holen, VD Mobiletech, Sverige.

För mer information vänligen kontakta:

Stefan Svanfeldt Affärområdeschef Internet, SIFO Research International

mobil: 0701-84 22 86


Anders Holen, VD, Mobiletech Sverige

mobil: 070-916 19 67


Aftenposten Mobile

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Monday, March 30th, 2009

Norway’s third biggest online newspaper, Aftenposten, has recently gone live with an innovative mobile site using Mobiletech’s Frame rendering software. Not only have they developed a site which adapts to all devices (including the iPhone) they have also gone about it in a very modern way.

After years of experience in mobile, including working with ASP hosted approaches, Aftenposten has chosen Mobiletech’s Frame delivery to power their mobile channel. With Frame, Aftenposten’s own internal staff were able to write jsp-code using Mobiletech’s tag library to develop the mobile pages they wanted. Rather than code for each specific device, Aftenposten was also able to choose a single template and widget framework which in turn created mark-up specifically for each device – while utilising the best features of each. Now Aftenposten are totally self sufficient in the mobile channel, having the editorial freedom and control to deliver content to their readers when, how and where they want it.

Total time between software delivery to a live site was only 5 weeks. The site now contains all the sections you would expect from a newspaper plus a city guide and mobile TV channel – all of which work across compatible devices. We think the team at Aftenposten have done an amazing job. Check it out on your mobile and we think you will agree.

EPiServerdagen 2009

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Friday, March 13th, 2009
The EpiServerdagen 2009 took place outside Stockholm on Tuesday March 10th 2009. More than 1000 visitors came to Kistamässan, and Mobiletech were present with 5 of our people. At our stand we presented our EPiServer plugin, in addition to other mobile services.
We also helped EPiServer with our mobile expertise, and did the following:
Mobile portal
Included the agenda and relevant information. The portal is dual language, both Swedish and English. All Swedish end-users will get Swedish text, while international users will get English text.
SMS services
The introduction speaker came to a point where she mentioned the word ‘mobile’, and at the same time we hit the button in our systems, resulting in several hundred sms-messages received by the audience simultaneously. This is always quite a powerful experience!
mVote is a powerful tool where the participants may vote by texting an sms to a short code, e.g. MVOTE 10 (1-4), where 10 is the id of the mVote, and 1-4 is the number of alternatives. An example of an sms can be: MVOTE 10 3 to 72311 (Sweden). The results will be displayed on an automatically updated graph, which can be viewed with a normal web browser. The keynote speaker Tim Forrester asked the following question (results in brackets):
Over the next 12 months, how will your company’s deployments or usage of Web content management change? Will the number of deployments or usage…?
1. Increase (77,3%)
2. Remain the same (15,3%)
3. Be scaled back (1,7%)
4. Don’t know (5,7%)
One interesting quote from one of the sessions:
‘Traffic from mobile handsets towards community sites like facebook/twitter/flickr increased by 152% the last 12 months.’
-and with EPiServer focusing on community solutions for normal websites, that area could be an interesting future for the mobile.
Regards from the Stockholm team:
Emanuel Fratini and Espen Askvik (above)
and, Bjørn Gundersen, Anders Holen and Pål Askvik

Are you ready for the iphone

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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

With Mobiletech’s latest release of its content rendering and adaption product Frame, customers can now enable iPhone features on their mobile sites.

The iPhone has fast become one of the most popular mobile devices for surfing the internet. In fact Google has reported that iPhone users perform 50 times more mobile searches than any other Smartphone. Little wonder then that everyone is thinking about creating an iPhone site to enhance their mobile presence.

Now, with Mobiletech ASP platform, all of Mobiletech customers can easily create an iPhone friendly experience using the same framework which caters for all devices. These sites can be made to incorporate all the enhanced features of the iPhone to make sites more user friendly and enjoyable to browse on the iPhone browser. With the newly realeas Frame 2.7.0 iPhone sites can easily be created which:

  • Make use of the iPhone’s Animated menus and lists.
  • Touch friendly links and menus.
  • Add a personalised icon to Home screen to let users bookmark the your site for easy access.
  • Support for iPhone orientation change. You pages looks and works well no matter what the page orientation.
  • Supports the AJAX loading of pages to allow faster navigation and response times.

The iPhone is an illustration of the Mobiletech strategy to provide a single framework for all devices and their native interaction. Whether it be the new Google Android phone or any other device, Mobiletech can provide cost saving efficiencies from using the same authoring tools for all devices, yet bringing out the best user experience of each device. Talk to Mobiletech today to find out how we can help get your message out to everyone.

Mobiletech launches into Denmark with a new Danish subsidiary lead by the former leadership …

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

(Oslo, Copenhagen, August 19th 2008) Mobiletech launches into Denmark with a new Danish subsidiary lead by the former leadership team of iLoop Mobile Denmark.

Mobiletech, the leading software company for mobile web tools in Scandinavia, fills the void created by the recent departure of iLoop Mobile Denmark from the Danish market.

Mobiletech, the leading software company for mobile web tools in Scandinavia, fills the void created by the recent departure of iLoop Mobile Denmark from the Danish market.

For many years iLoop Denmark has been a significant part of the mobile market and has worked successfully with brands, mobile operators and corporations in the Danish market. Recently, iLoop’s US parent, iLoop Mobile Inc. chose to close its activities in the Danish Market.

“When a significant player in the market departs, it leaves the customers in a difficult situation. We don’t think it is good for them or the market. With our move into Denmark, we will give these customers an opportunity to continue their mobile services with the least disruption as possible” says CEO Mobiletech, Espen Askvik.

Mobiletech establishes an office in Denmark and introduces innovative solutions.

Mobiletech is now establishing an office in Copenhagen. Composition of the Danish office of Mobiletech is made up of the former core expert team of iLoop Mobile Denmark:

Michael Buch Sandager (former iLoop Denmark CEO), Director, Denmark
Karsten Viuf (former  iLoop Denmark Sales Director), Sales Director, Denmark       
Baldur Norddahl (former iLoop CTO), Technical Consultant Denmark

”Mobiletech has a comprehensive platform for all types of mobile activities. It is one of the most successful companies in its field, highlighted by its impressive customer portfolio. Together our core philosophy will be to deliver dynamic services which give tangible results to our customers. Mobiletech’s toolset also allows customers to develop and administrate their mobile services” says Michael Buch Sandager.

The platform has SMS and MMS gateway, a CMS system for mobile sites and retail functionality for  the sale of mobile content and the administration of a mobile storefront. There is streaming functionality and an ad management tool for mobile ads plus advanced tools for reporting, CRM and response marketing campaigns.

“The Danish market is in the middle of an exciting growth phase. For Mobiletech, acquiring iLoop Denmark’s core team represents a great opportunity to enter the market with a commanding presence” says Espen Askvik, CEO Mobiletech.

“The mobile market is developing rapidly, and increasing demands face the service providers. The next couple of years we will see a multitude of new services that include integrated mobile web services, and it is good news for the market as such that a player like Mobiletech enters the marketplace”, says Steffen Krabbenhøft, Mobile Director of Mediacom Denmark – one of the most profiled mobile experts of Denmark.

About Mobiletech

Mobiletech is a software company that develops scalable and flexible services for mobile media publishers and content owners. Mobiletech was founded in 2005 and is today one of the leading suppliers of services for companies, operators, commercial, and retailers in Norway and Sweden
Mobiletech’s platform consists of a suite of products which together form all the tools and elements that are required to communicate through the mobile channel. In particular it is designed to provide the end user with an intuitive, user friendly path to the mobile world. Mobiletech was recently awarded as ‘The most innovative player in the Nordic digital market” in 2008 by Telenor. Mobiletech was also included in the Red Herring top 100 companies in Europe 2008.

Swedish Gota Media launches five mobile newspapers

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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Gota Media, one of the strong media enterprises in Sweden, launched five new mobile newspaper sites in the end of May 2008, using Mobiletech’s Dextella platform.

Gota Media has launched five new mobile newspaers: Smålandsposten, (, Barometern,, (, Borås Tidning,, (, Blekinge Läns Tidning,, ( and Oskarshamns-Tidningen, (
In addition to dynamic and aesthetic outlook of news flows, these mobile newspaper sites also include guides to “what goes on” in their local areas, restuarant guides with daily menus and also job-ads.

Mathias Carlsson, the Project Manager in Gota Media, says: “We are very satisfied with our new mobile portals, and we’ve done more with this project than we anticipated. Although introducing mobile sites was a new experience for Gota Media, we are very pleased with the results and the cooperation with Mobiletech”. 

This is Gota Media’s first move into the mobile channel, and the launch was very successful. Now the media company is planning to actively promote the mobile editions of the papers in order to increase popularity and traffic, and also add new exciting services. 

Mobile goes live with two new Dutch newspaper sites

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

One of the leading Dutch newspapers and book publishers, NDC/VBK (, has recently launched two new mobile newspaper sites: and

One of the leading Dutch newspapers and book publishers, NDC/VBK (, has launched two new mobile newspaper sites: and The new sites went live on 1st of July.The application service provider solution (ASP) is hosted by Mobiletech. The application helps creating web content which is specifically designed for the mobile, and allows incorporate images and texts into an easy to read format. Mobiletech’s ASP platforms are now used in different languages by several international clients on global scale. We are proud to offer high-quaility, user-friendly and esthetic mobile sites in any language required.


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