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Mobiletech on mobile marketing

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Mobiletech showcases mobile marketing in Kjedemagasinet

Mobiletech’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Lars R. Kristiansen, recently spoke to Kjedemagasinet about the exciting possibilities of interactive customer communication via the mobile channel . An increasing number of retail chains are now using the mobile device to build brand loyalty and attract customers to their stores while building their data bases. Rema 1000, one of the largest supermarket chains in Norway with 579 stores in Scandinavia and Slovenia, is just one of the companies who embraced Mobiletech’s sophisticated CRM solution in their mobile marketing strategy. Read the whole interview here (PDF-format in norwegian, 4.2 mb)

Dagens Nyheter mobile gets a makeover

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Friday, November 30th, 2007

Dagens Nyheter gets a mobile makeover in conjunction with is online big cousin.

“We want to be where our readers want us to be”, says Thorbjörn Larsson, the Chief Editor of Dagens Nyheter.

Dagens Nyheter has had a track record of innovation and has been interacting with their readers via the mobile channel using Mobiletech’s Dextella platform since November 2006.  On 28th of November 2007 they re-launched their mobile internet site with a look and feel to match its online cousin, but certainly tailored to the mobile context. They also added new exciting features such as weather and traffic information from over 240 towns in Sweden.

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Matprat puts recipes in the hands of their customers. is Norway’s most frequently visited internet site for meat cuisine. A mobile portal made by Mobiletech has been launched this autumn, presenting a variety of dinner recipes in categories of healthy, quick, “munchy”, traditional and dinner meals. Now when Matprat site visitors are on the go, they can still check their favourite recipes – which is a great thing when you are wondering “What do I need to get for a dinner tonight?” In addition, the service also includes “Food tip of the day” and the ability for customers to opt-in for receiving a weekly alert. The message is scheduled and automatically distributed using a hyperlinked SMS. Customers can choose between Friday and Saturday, or even every day! The recipes come with an attractive picture and a complete list of ingredients – you will never forget an ingredient again! Go ahead give the new service a try by sending the SMS: Matprat to 2229 or type directly into your mobile browser.

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Rema 1000

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Rema 1000 customers go mobile

Rema 1000 is Norway’s largest grocery chain with nearly 400 stores all over Norway. Mobiletech has provided Rema 1000 with a mobile website that contains a vast number of delicious meat, fish and poultry recipes. The service includes “Dinner tip of the day” and an option for customers to sign up for weekly alerts delivered every Friday and Saturday. The recipes are presented with an attractive picture and are easy to read and follow. This is a great example of the advantage Mobiletech’s products are bringing to low-cost commodity companies like Rema 1000 and their customers. Now Rema 1000 customers can easily access recipes wherever they are, even while they are shopping right there in the store!
Go ahead and give the new service a try by sending the SMS: Rema to 2229 or type directly into your mobile browser.

Nortura and SINTEF

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

From farm to table – food tracked by your mobile.

Mobiletech is the new technical partner in a Proof of Concept and Technology together with SINTEF? and Nortura. This was presented on Technoport?in October 2007 in Trondheim, and aims at providing more thorough and direct product information to the consumer, using mobile phones (MMS and mobile Web) . The concept is to gather information about a product, like Gourmet Lamb?, from the whole delivery chain, all the way from the farmer, through transportation, slaughter, packaging until the product ends up in the store. This data (tracking data) is combined with more general information such as identification of the farmer, quality measures of the product, local history and information about the area, food recipes etc., and then presented on mobile devices (mobile web) and traditional web. For the POC we chose to use Gourmet Lamb because this product comes lambs carrying a special GSM and GPS unit. This unit will continuously send GPS tracking data to a central database as GSM data, enabling us to draw a map with UTM coordinates of where the sheep has been walking all year!
To map all this data to one particular animal, we’ve branded the product with a 2D barcode DataMatrix? carrying a unique ID. The consumer can take a picture of this DataMatrix code and send it as an MMS to Mobiletech’s shortcode 2155. After decoding of the MMS picture/DataMatrix code, the consumer will receive a WAP Push, containing a link to the information about this particular product. Nortura has demonstrated how this solution may also be used to inform consumers of products which for any reason are taken off the market. The main objectives with the service are food tracking, food safety and attempt to close the gap between the producer (the farmer) and the consumer (customers buying food in a general store).
An example of information presented : Sheep from Skaraåsen?, Sheep from Raggsteindalen?, Barred product?.
Or send a picture of any of these to 2155 for a WAP link.

An example of information presented : Sheep from Skaraåsen?, Sheep from Raggsteindalen?, Barred Product. Or send a picture of any of these to 2155 for a WAP link:

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Nortura is the largest meat, egg and chicken producer in Norway.
SINTEF if the largest commercial research and scientific institution in the Nordic region.

This POC has also been on National Broadcasting :

Mobiletech nominated for Swedish award

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Mobiletech has been nominated for the  Swedish award “Guldmobilen” as the newcomer of the year.

The jury´s motivation was as follows: “Mobiletech has, during the last year, developed several new and very good mobile portals in the Swedish market”

Read more (in Swedish).


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Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Mobiletech provides Tele 2 with video streaming and downloads.

On the 1st of September Mobiletech, in cooperation with Qbrick, launched three new video portals. The portals are part of the content offer to customers through Tele2´s own operator portals. In Sweden the video clips are delivered as streaming video. In Norway and Luxemburg they are delivered as video downloads. Mobile TV is the area many of Mobiletech´s clients are focusing on, and we are proud to be the power behind these cutting edge video solutions. / /

Festivals – Mobiletech rocks this summer

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Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Mobiletech keeps festival goers in the know.

The largest summer festivals in Norway were equipped with mobile portals made by Mobiletech in cooperation with Telenor this year, and some for the second year running. Festival goers at Quart-, Hove-, Øya- and Slottsfjellfestivalen got access to an eye-catching site packed full of practical information. Customers received live information on  re-schedules, band info, locations, pictures, contact info and news. They could also send MMS, play quizzes and enter competitions – all on their mobile devices. Festival goers would never leave home without their mobile and now they could also have all the event information at their fingertips wherever they are, even at a music festival!
Check out the mobile portals by sending: Quart, Hove, Øya or Slottsfjell to 2244.
You can also type,, or in any browser.

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Mobile marketing and tourism

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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Mobiletech has developed mobile marketing solutions for Hafjell Alpinsenter and Hunderfossen Familiepark.

Read more here.

Mobiletech’s developers dotmobi-certified

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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Mobiletech's developers dotmobi certified.
Mobiletech’s developers dotmobi certified.

The dotmobi initiative has recently launched a certification program for developers. This is the only certification available for mobile developers today. Several of Mobiletech’s developers have already passed the exam and are entitled to use the title “certified mobile developer”. 

For our customers this certification is a hallmark. All products and services delivered by Mobiletech are market leading in terms of utilizing the opportunities and handle the constraints in the mobile channel.

Why be tethered to the Internet on a PC when you no longer need to? Now you can choose when and how to get the content you need.
Your mobile phone gave you freedom from having to talk at home or use public telephones.
Your mobile phone now gives you freedom from having to access the Internet only at home or from
having to carry a bulky laptop and hoping you can find a “WiFi” signal.
dotMobi fulfills the promises made by the Internet for consumers: you can access the information
you need, where and when you need it. So while you’re walking around the city, sitting on a train or
waiting at the airport, you can suf the Web when you want.
dotMobi makes mobility possible. A site with a .mobi address works on any mobile phone and gives you content that “makes sense” on a mobile phone, keeping you connected wherever you are.


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