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Dagens Nyheter mobile gets a makeover

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Friday, November 30th, 2007

Dagens Nyheter gets a mobile makeover in conjunction with is online big cousin.

“We want to be where our readers want us to be”, says Thorbjörn Larsson, the Chief Editor of Dagens Nyheter.

Dagens Nyheter has had a track record of innovation and has been interacting with their readers via the mobile channel using Mobiletech’s Dextella platform since November 2006.  On 28th of November 2007 they re-launched their mobile internet site with a look and feel to match its online cousin, but certainly tailored to the mobile context. They also added new exciting features such as weather and traffic information from over 240 towns in Sweden.

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Matprat puts recipes in the hands of their customers. is Norway’s most frequently visited internet site for meat cuisine. A mobile portal made by Mobiletech has been launched this autumn, presenting a variety of dinner recipes in categories of healthy, quick, “munchy”, traditional and dinner meals. Now when Matprat site visitors are on the go, they can still check their favourite recipes – which is a great thing when you are wondering “What do I need to get for a dinner tonight?” In addition, the service also includes “Food tip of the day” and the ability for customers to opt-in for receiving a weekly alert. The message is scheduled and automatically distributed using a hyperlinked SMS. Customers can choose between Friday and Saturday, or even every day! The recipes come with an attractive picture and a complete list of ingredients – you will never forget an ingredient again! Go ahead give the new service a try by sending the SMS: Matprat to 2229 or type directly into your mobile browser.

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Rema 1000

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Rema 1000 customers go mobile

Rema 1000 is Norway’s largest grocery chain with nearly 400 stores all over Norway. Mobiletech has provided Rema 1000 with a mobile website that contains a vast number of delicious meat, fish and poultry recipes. The service includes “Dinner tip of the day” and an option for customers to sign up for weekly alerts delivered every Friday and Saturday. The recipes are presented with an attractive picture and are easy to read and follow. This is a great example of the advantage Mobiletech’s products are bringing to low-cost commodity companies like Rema 1000 and their customers. Now Rema 1000 customers can easily access recipes wherever they are, even while they are shopping right there in the store!
Go ahead and give the new service a try by sending the SMS: Rema to 2229 or type directly into your mobile browser.


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