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The mobile highway in 2009

Written by Jon Arne Sæterås

Product Director

Friday, December 12th, 2008

The development in the mobile industry is taking giant leaps every week. Its hard to keep up. Lots of new stuff, lots of changing stuff and lots of buzz in general. But this is a Mobiletechers job, so we’ll worry about that for you.
Gartner predicts it will be sold 1.4 billion mobile devices in 2009. Many of these will no doubt be iPhones and devices from the “new kids on the block”, such as Garmin for example. These new devices are all Internet devices with wlan and other high speed connectivity methods. Together with advanced browsers this makes the mobile Internet the perfect platform for almost any kind of application.

Focus on usability and user experience.

Usability will become more important. All potential fun for all stakeholders starts with, and rely on, the end users and that their good experience. So the moral is; make the end user happy. Apple has set some new standards in user experience with the iPhone. The usability principles are not revolutionary, but the boldness of daring to implement them on a mobile phone is admirable. So when doing stuff on mobile in 2009, ally your self with someone who knows interaction design and have the experience in creating device- and interaction model independent functional design. If it’s for some reason not possible to achieve the perfect user experience, seriously consider aborting the project. Most likely it is not worth the money. Content is not king, consumer is king.

Mobile portal software.

Do you still need special portal software to handle these new high end devices in 2009? Yes. The diversity and fragmentation is increasing more than ever. So which one to choose…? (hint). Simple answer: 1) Choose the platform that supports the widest range of interaction models. 2) Choose the platform that allows highest level of editorial freedom and control.

Try to look for something else than the traditional feed based mobile portals as well. If you are an Esceninc customer, I recommend Escenic Mobile Solution. This is the most revolutionary mobile portal platform around! And what ever you do; dont fall into the pit of creating a stand-alone iPhone, or other device specific, portal. You will create a maintenace hell! Purcahse a software that handles all this stuff for you allowing you to focus on content!

Mobile metrics

Implement mobile metrics. In 2009 common metric currencies will emerge. In Norway this has already happened. Use these and publish them internally and externally. This will be of great motivation as the graphs will show a very positive trend in 2009! Metrics are also crucial in this phase, because you need to tweek and tune your service by analysing how your audience responds to the changes you make.

Distribution models

Once you have this magnificent mobile offering to your customers on the run, you need to make sure they get to know about it. Start 2009 by telling your marketing- or media agency that there is something called mobile. If you need help in explaining what a mobile phone can do, apart from calling and sending sms, please call us and we’ll gladly help!

You should also implement logic that allows your mobile users to access your mobile portal using the URL they know. For example they can enter “” regardless of desktop PC/Mac or hand held device. This will simplify your market communication and enhance the user experience significantly! All metrics will increase by 50%! This trend has started and will continue in 2009.

Also remember to tell your users that they actually can use their mobile phone to access your services. Always communicate a keyword to a short code as well. For sms access. Remember that there are more mobile phones out there than PCs! Your users are more likely to have a mobile phone than a PC.

Search is the number one killer-app on mobile Internet. Users tend to use search as a replacement of bookmarks. If they want facebook, they search for facebook on google. They don’t know the bookmark function in their device nor how to typ in a url, so next time they search as well. Be sure to choose a mobile portal platform that enables visibility in search engines.


So what about the future of sms services? As mentioned, sms should at least be used as an entry point to your mobile experience. Spend a few quiet minutes during Christmas to think about how powerful sms and mms really is! It allows interaction and dialog initiated from both parties! During 2009 we will see a more holistic approach to mobile where communication includes both messaging and mobile Internet. And maybe also regular, old fashioned desktop based Internet. If you are really serious about mobile, buy a dedicated short code that your users can identify you with. Makes your users feel safe. But don’t spam, be relevant! Send messages only to users that have opt’ed in.

Mobile advertising

Don’t rely on ad networks. Especially local- or regional networks. They wont be able to serve your the ads you need as your traffic grows faster than the number of ad campaigns available in these networks. Another thing about ad networks is that the quality of the ads is so poor it becomes a usability issue. And this, the users of 2009 will not tolerate.

To have success with advertising there are two options in 2009; 1) make the value chain as short and efficient as possible by managing mobile ads in-house using your own ad-people and existing work flows. 2) Choose a ad provider with a network of networks. And also, don’t forget to run campaigns for your own stuff.

If your are an advertiser, plan your mobile ad campaigns differently. Same as you plan differently for print, radio, tv and desktop web. There may not be a breath taking volume in 2009, but the quality of the leads will go way beyond what you are used to from other channels.

Users and usage.

Along with better accessibility and better mobile Internet devices, users will discover what a great thing mobile Internet is and the user count will grow significantly if you take good care of your users. But don’t think that your mobile users will behave as your users on PC web. Most likely mobile users wil have an casual, almost random use of your service. Remember that the mobile phone is first and foremost a social device used for calling and sms’ing friends, not to consume content. Be prepared of getting almost the same number of unique users if you multiply one weeks unique users by 4 as the actual counted unique users within a month.

Don’t forget to collect phone numbers! The phone number is the ultimate key to communicate with your customer! Collect opt-ins wherever you can, start using the mobile channel at once. It is all about CRM.

What else?

So what about Android? It will be there in 2009 alright, but most likely, you wont know unless you read the small print manual. Your customers will still buy a SonyEricsson or a Samsung that happens to have a different operating system. So dont worry about that. We will handle it for you and your users.

Another buzz word is “social networking”. I say; don’t try to create a social network, use the ones that already exist. It is not the social network it self that is the value, but the meta data around it. The social network trend is a step towards using the web as a platform or that funny stuff called web 2.0. The mobile phone is a crucial part of any web 2.0 project as it holds all the important capabilities you wont find on any other device. The mobile phone is simply the missing link.

Data and metadata about your mobile ecosystem is the real gold. Make sure that you can analyse all kinds of data accross channels. You can use the data to create a personal, relevant and surprisingly addictive service. 2009 is probably a year too soon to implement this, though. This strategy must be a part of a greater super-internet strategy. But you’ll definitley hear and read a lot about this next year. To make this as less painfull as possible, make sure you choose a provider that can offer you the package. Do not shop around for bits and peaces. When all data is stored in the same basement, this becomes a much more smooth operation.

mCommerce? If you sell physical goods like books, tickets and stuff, 2009 will be a very interesting year for you! Imagine running a TV campaign and letting people buy the product as they see the commercial still sitting in the sofa! Stay tuned!

And most definitely; 2009 is the year of mobile!

Mobiletech at IFRA Amsterdam

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Thursday, October 30th, 2008

The Escenic stand. Mobile being demoed

This week Mobiletech attended the IFRA Expo in Amserdam. We joined forces with our friends from Escenic.

Escenic launched the 5.0 edition of their Content Studio. The demo included a full featured mobile portal provided by Mobiletech. The mobile portal was built on the latest version of Dextella Frame introducing “iPhone support”, materialised in ajax, advanced presentation and animation features and widgets.

The stand was well visited and both Escenics Content Studio and the Mobile Solution was demoed continously. It is no doubt that it is easy to see the real value of taking the step from a second generation mobile precense into a professional controllable solution providing full editorial controll and freedom.

We also spoke at the Solution Park about mobile services. If you want to see the slides, please contact us. We are happy to share our knowledge!

Mobile Router – One url, regardless of device

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Monday, October 13th, 2008

As usual Mobiletech has been busy creating features to make sure the end users are happy. Now we finally have some statistics describing the effect of the mobile router

The mobile router enables our customers to focus their marketing on a single url, regardless of whether the terminal is mobile or a good old desktop machine. This means that the url can be and the mobile router takes care of presenting the mobile version to handheld devices, and the desktop version to the desktop devices. So, no more wap., mobile., m. etc. just one simple, well known url.

So, what is the effect of doing this? Well, we have had a pilot running for some time now and the results are pretty amazing! Of course, the effect will vary depending on the type of customer, but this definitely shows that “url problem” on mobile devices is worth solving.

The graph below shows the reference case. The short story is that the average number of front page views increased by 50% when enabling the mobile router! On average 20% of the requests for a “”-type url are actually mobile devices.

If you want more information about this product, please contact us. Of course you can read more on the mobile router here, as well.

Are you ready for the iphone

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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

With Mobiletech’s latest release of its content rendering and adaption product Frame, customers can now enable iPhone features on their mobile sites.

The iPhone has fast become one of the most popular mobile devices for surfing the internet. In fact Google has reported that iPhone users perform 50 times more mobile searches than any other Smartphone. Little wonder then that everyone is thinking about creating an iPhone site to enhance their mobile presence.

Now, with Mobiletech ASP platform, all of Mobiletech customers can easily create an iPhone friendly experience using the same framework which caters for all devices. These sites can be made to incorporate all the enhanced features of the iPhone to make sites more user friendly and enjoyable to browse on the iPhone browser. With the newly realeas Frame 2.7.0 iPhone sites can easily be created which:

  • Make use of the iPhone’s Animated menus and lists.
  • Touch friendly links and menus.
  • Add a personalised icon to Home screen to let users bookmark the your site for easy access.
  • Support for iPhone orientation change. You pages looks and works well no matter what the page orientation.
  • Supports the AJAX loading of pages to allow faster navigation and response times.

The iPhone is an illustration of the Mobiletech strategy to provide a single framework for all devices and their native interaction. Whether it be the new Google Android phone or any other device, Mobiletech can provide cost saving efficiencies from using the same authoring tools for all devices, yet bringing out the best user experience of each device. Talk to Mobiletech today to find out how we can help get your message out to everyone.

Rejsen til Saturn

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Sunday, September 21st, 2008

‘Rejsen til Saturn’ is probably the nicest mobile portal I’ve ever put my hands on during my time in Mobiletech. We received a detailed specification from the danish advertising agency works|group. Without their excellent handywork, this portal would not have been made.

We delievered on time, the portal was ready on friday 19.september 2008. The videos on the portal are best suitable for 3G only, GPRS terminals might not be able to download them due to their size (1-2 MB).

Rejsen til Saturn

To view it, go to
or send an sms
SATURN to 1969 (Denmark)
SATURN to 2229 (Norway)
SATURN to 72311 (Sweden)
SATURN to +4741716016 (International)

The portal is promoting a new cinema movie starting on 26.september 2008.

The mobile portal was created by Ronny Ljungbeck, with assistance from Pål Askvik and Espen Liland.

Feel free to drop me a line or two about this portal to 

Pål Askvik
Content Manager 

Mobiletech launches into Denmark with a new Danish subsidiary lead by the former leadership …

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

(Oslo, Copenhagen, August 19th 2008) Mobiletech launches into Denmark with a new Danish subsidiary lead by the former leadership team of iLoop Mobile Denmark.

Mobiletech, the leading software company for mobile web tools in Scandinavia, fills the void created by the recent departure of iLoop Mobile Denmark from the Danish market.

Mobiletech, the leading software company for mobile web tools in Scandinavia, fills the void created by the recent departure of iLoop Mobile Denmark from the Danish market.

For many years iLoop Denmark has been a significant part of the mobile market and has worked successfully with brands, mobile operators and corporations in the Danish market. Recently, iLoop’s US parent, iLoop Mobile Inc. chose to close its activities in the Danish Market.

“When a significant player in the market departs, it leaves the customers in a difficult situation. We don’t think it is good for them or the market. With our move into Denmark, we will give these customers an opportunity to continue their mobile services with the least disruption as possible” says CEO Mobiletech, Espen Askvik.

Mobiletech establishes an office in Denmark and introduces innovative solutions.

Mobiletech is now establishing an office in Copenhagen. Composition of the Danish office of Mobiletech is made up of the former core expert team of iLoop Mobile Denmark:

Michael Buch Sandager (former iLoop Denmark CEO), Director, Denmark
Karsten Viuf (former  iLoop Denmark Sales Director), Sales Director, Denmark       
Baldur Norddahl (former iLoop CTO), Technical Consultant Denmark

”Mobiletech has a comprehensive platform for all types of mobile activities. It is one of the most successful companies in its field, highlighted by its impressive customer portfolio. Together our core philosophy will be to deliver dynamic services which give tangible results to our customers. Mobiletech’s toolset also allows customers to develop and administrate their mobile services” says Michael Buch Sandager.

The platform has SMS and MMS gateway, a CMS system for mobile sites and retail functionality for  the sale of mobile content and the administration of a mobile storefront. There is streaming functionality and an ad management tool for mobile ads plus advanced tools for reporting, CRM and response marketing campaigns.

“The Danish market is in the middle of an exciting growth phase. For Mobiletech, acquiring iLoop Denmark’s core team represents a great opportunity to enter the market with a commanding presence” says Espen Askvik, CEO Mobiletech.

“The mobile market is developing rapidly, and increasing demands face the service providers. The next couple of years we will see a multitude of new services that include integrated mobile web services, and it is good news for the market as such that a player like Mobiletech enters the marketplace”, says Steffen Krabbenhøft, Mobile Director of Mediacom Denmark – one of the most profiled mobile experts of Denmark.

About Mobiletech

Mobiletech is a software company that develops scalable and flexible services for mobile media publishers and content owners. Mobiletech was founded in 2005 and is today one of the leading suppliers of services for companies, operators, commercial, and retailers in Norway and Sweden
Mobiletech’s platform consists of a suite of products which together form all the tools and elements that are required to communicate through the mobile channel. In particular it is designed to provide the end user with an intuitive, user friendly path to the mobile world. Mobiletech was recently awarded as ‘The most innovative player in the Nordic digital market” in 2008 by Telenor. Mobiletech was also included in the Red Herring top 100 companies in Europe 2008.

Swedish Gota Media launches five mobile newspapers

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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Gota Media, one of the strong media enterprises in Sweden, launched five new mobile newspaper sites in the end of May 2008, using Mobiletech’s Dextella platform.

Gota Media has launched five new mobile newspaers: Smålandsposten, (, Barometern,, (, Borås Tidning,, (, Blekinge Läns Tidning,, ( and Oskarshamns-Tidningen, (
In addition to dynamic and aesthetic outlook of news flows, these mobile newspaper sites also include guides to “what goes on” in their local areas, restuarant guides with daily menus and also job-ads.

Mathias Carlsson, the Project Manager in Gota Media, says: “We are very satisfied with our new mobile portals, and we’ve done more with this project than we anticipated. Although introducing mobile sites was a new experience for Gota Media, we are very pleased with the results and the cooperation with Mobiletech”. 

This is Gota Media’s first move into the mobile channel, and the launch was very successful. Now the media company is planning to actively promote the mobile editions of the papers in order to increase popularity and traffic, and also add new exciting services. 

Mobile goes live with two new Dutch newspaper sites

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

One of the leading Dutch newspapers and book publishers, NDC/VBK (, has recently launched two new mobile newspaper sites: and

One of the leading Dutch newspapers and book publishers, NDC/VBK (, has launched two new mobile newspaper sites: and The new sites went live on 1st of July.The application service provider solution (ASP) is hosted by Mobiletech. The application helps creating web content which is specifically designed for the mobile, and allows incorporate images and texts into an easy to read format. Mobiletech’s ASP platforms are now used in different languages by several international clients on global scale. We are proud to offer high-quaility, user-friendly and esthetic mobile sites in any language required.

TNS Gallup announces that it will now start measuring the use of the mobile internet by …

Written by Mobiletech

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

(Oslo, July 24th 2008) TNS Gallup announces that it will now start measuring the use of the mobile internet by launching TNS Mobile in Norway.

Use of internet via mobile phone is rapidly increasing and content and service providers are continuing to create new and improved services specifically designed for the mobile internet. To measure the growth of this market, TNS Gallup has introduced a common currency to measure user behaviour across participating mobile internet sites.

TNS Gallup has made an agreement with Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association, to start providing the measurement of mobile internet usage. The agreement will come into action during summer 2008 and official site traffic will be published from August 2008. The traffic reports will be based on a combined solution from Mobiletech and TNS Gallup. Mobiletech is behind the technology which collects raw data while TNS Gallup analyses and reports on the data. The data is collected from the mobile handset, and the mobile operators’ own network systems. The technology measures the content that the user has actually seen, which makes the measurement very reliable. The data collected is independent of operator, the end user’s handset and other technological platforms and infrastructure.

- Members of the Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association have been leaders in developing user friendly mobile services. However a reliable measurement of the mobile internet has not been available up until now.  This agreement with TNS Gallup will give us reliable numbers that can be compared across a number of media assets, so we are very happy that the numbers are going to be published, says Geir Engen, Manager Digital Media, Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association.

- TNS Gallup is proud to be the first to publish traffic data based on this technology. The mobile phone is becoming an increasing important tool to access the internet. The biggest content providers have now established a common currency. This is important for more and more companies choosing to advertise on the mobile internet. TNS Gallup and Mobiletech have succeeded in making a high quality solution in response to demand from the market, says Gudbrand Jevne, General Manger TNS Gallup.

- We have long seen the need for accurate measurement of mobile internet usage and we believe the common currency will have a positive impact on media companies, advertisers and end users. The measurement system is based on technology developed internally by Mobiletech and is more accurate than solutions available up until now. Norway is on the forefront in the development of the mobile internet and this collaboration between  the media companies, TNS Gallup and Mobiletech is strengthening this position, says Espen Askvik, CEO Mobiletech.

About Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association

Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association is the media trade- and tariff organisation in Norway. Our main objectives are to contribute to a diverse, independent and economically healthy industry, secure editorial independence, and work towards securing an overall framework beneficial to the industry’s competitiveness and profitability, thereby securing jobs within the industry.

The organisation counts approx. 311 member businesses, of which 172 are newspapers, 21 printing offices, 26 distribution companies, 24 TV companies, 13 advertising groups, 15 media groups, 11 magazines, 9 multimedia companies, 3 press agencies, 2 radio stations and 1 advertising company. 14 companies are defined in the member group others. The Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association is a member of the Confederation of Norwegian Business, and is the main negotiator vis a vis the labour unions in the media industry. Our managing director is Mr. Arvid Sand.

About TNS Gallup

TNS Gallup is a part of TNS. TNS is a market information group. We are the world’s largest custom research company and a leading provider of social and political polling. We are also a major supplier of consumer panel, TV, radio and print audience measurement and media intelligence services.

TNS operates a global network spanning 70 countries and employs over 13,000 people. We provide market information and measurement, together with insights and analysis, to local and multinational organisations.

We combine our specialist sector knowledge with expertise in the areas of new product development, motivational research, brand and advertising research and stakeholder management to bring our clients up-to-the minute, internationally consistent information.

We think differently to help our clients build competitive advantage, making TNS the sixth sense of business.

About Mobiletech:

Mobiletech ( is an independent Norwegian software company that delivers a complete range of products and services to enable rich and engaging communication through mobile devices. Mobiletech was founded in 2005 and is the power behind advanced mobile services for major media companies, operators and other corporations in Scandinavia. Mobiletech has a dedicated team of passionate professionals with skills in mobile web publishing, transaction based services, telecoms, banking and mobile technology. Mobiletech has offices in Norway (Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim), Sweden (Stockholm) and USA (Washington DC).

For more information:

TNS Gallup, Harald Kittelsen, Project Manager, Tlf: +47 48 11 84 85, e-mail:

Mobiletech, Espen Askvik, CEO, Tlf: +47 99 46 64 94, e-mail:

Mediebedriftenes Landsforening, Geir Engen, Manager Digital Media, Tlf: +47 22 86 12 47, e-mail: geir.

Mobiletech announces iPhone support in Dextella

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Friday, July 11th, 2008

(Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden 11th of July 2008)
In time for today’s worldwide launch of the 3G iPhone, Mobiletech has released enhanced support for the iPhone. Mobiletech’s new iPhone support means that now all of Mobiletech’s customers can have iPhone friendly version of their mobile sites which make use of the iPhone’s unique user interface and powerful iPhone specific features.

Sweden’s largest morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) is Mobiletech’s first customer live with iPhone specific features on their mobile portal ( DN’s mobile site now utilises the best features of the iPhone to create a mobile newspaper experience which is optimized for the iPhone user. Enhanced features, such as providing fingertip sized controls to make it easier for user to navigate, sliding pages, fading images, AJAX and javascript, mean that DN´s iPhone users will enjoy an experience which is simple and fun to use. The support for iPhone is built into the same mobile portal framework as DN currently uses without compromising support for other phone models. Mobiletech’s device detection capabilities also eliminates the need for an iPhone specific URL.

Johan Brandt, Director DN Mobile says, “iPhone invites end users to surf, and has affected our view and demands on mobile internet. Therefore we are optimizing our mobile site to iPhone´s screen and functionality, ready for today’s launch of the device in the Swedish market”.

“Dagens Nyheter has been at the forefront of the mobile newspaper revolution. By enabling enhanced iPhone support on their portal, DN will give its mobile readers the best experience on their new iPhone from its launch”, says Anders Holen, CEO Mobiletech Sweden.

“The iPhone has revolutionized the mobile internet industry with its compelling looks and ease of use. Hence, it is only natural for Mobiletech to build support for iPhone.features into Dextella, Mobiletech’s service delivery platform”, says Espen Askvik, CEO Mobiletech.

About Mobiletech:
Mobiletech ( is an independent Norwegian software company that delivers a complete range of products and services to enable rich and engaging communication through mobile devices. Mobiletech was founded in 2005 and is the power behind advanced mobile services for major media companies, operators and other corporations in Scandinavia. Mobiletech has a dedicated team of passionate professionals with skills in mobile web publishing, transaction based services, telecoms, banking and mobile technology. Mobiletech has offices in Norway (Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim), Sweden (Stockholm) and USA (Washington DC).

About Dagens Nyheter:
Dagens Nyheter is Sweden’s largest morning newspaper with a daily circulation of some 350 000 copies and over one million unique visitors at DN is independent; stands free from political parties, organizations and financial interests and work in a liberal and broadminded tradition. The company is a part of the Bonnier Group, one of the leading media houses in Europe.

For more information:
Espen Askvik, CEO Mobiletech, +47 994 664 94,

Anders Holen, CEO Mobiletech Sweden, +46 (0)70 946 19 67,

Johan Brandt, Director DN MobileTel: +46 (0)8 738 15 75/Mob:+46 (0)70 538 12 18, johan.

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