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Mobiletech at IFRA Amsterdam

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Thursday, October 30th, 2008

The Escenic stand. Mobile being demoed

This week Mobiletech attended the IFRA Expo in Amserdam. We joined forces with our friends from Escenic.

Escenic launched the 5.0 edition of their Content Studio. The demo included a full featured mobile portal provided by Mobiletech. The mobile portal was built on the latest version of Dextella Frame introducing “iPhone support”, materialised in ajax, advanced presentation and animation features and widgets.

The stand was well visited and both Escenics Content Studio and the Mobile Solution was demoed continously. It is no doubt that it is easy to see the real value of taking the step from a second generation mobile precense into a professional controllable solution providing full editorial controll and freedom.

We also spoke at the Solution Park about mobile services. If you want to see the slides, please contact us. We are happy to share our knowledge!

Mobile Router – One url, regardless of device

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Monday, October 13th, 2008

As usual Mobiletech has been busy creating features to make sure the end users are happy. Now we finally have some statistics describing the effect of the mobile router

The mobile router enables our customers to focus their marketing on a single url, regardless of whether the terminal is mobile or a good old desktop machine. This means that the url can be and the mobile router takes care of presenting the mobile version to handheld devices, and the desktop version to the desktop devices. So, no more wap., mobile., m. etc. just one simple, well known url.

So, what is the effect of doing this? Well, we have had a pilot running for some time now and the results are pretty amazing! Of course, the effect will vary depending on the type of customer, but this definitely shows that “url problem” on mobile devices is worth solving.

The graph below shows the reference case. The short story is that the average number of front page views increased by 50% when enabling the mobile router! On average 20% of the requests for a “”-type url are actually mobile devices.

If you want more information about this product, please contact us. Of course you can read more on the mobile router here, as well.

Are you ready for the iphone

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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

With Mobiletech’s latest release of its content rendering and adaption product Frame, customers can now enable iPhone features on their mobile sites.

The iPhone has fast become one of the most popular mobile devices for surfing the internet. In fact Google has reported that iPhone users perform 50 times more mobile searches than any other Smartphone. Little wonder then that everyone is thinking about creating an iPhone site to enhance their mobile presence.

Now, with Mobiletech ASP platform, all of Mobiletech customers can easily create an iPhone friendly experience using the same framework which caters for all devices. These sites can be made to incorporate all the enhanced features of the iPhone to make sites more user friendly and enjoyable to browse on the iPhone browser. With the newly realeas Frame 2.7.0 iPhone sites can easily be created which:

  • Make use of the iPhone’s Animated menus and lists.
  • Touch friendly links and menus.
  • Add a personalised icon to Home screen to let users bookmark the your site for easy access.
  • Support for iPhone orientation change. You pages looks and works well no matter what the page orientation.
  • Supports the AJAX loading of pages to allow faster navigation and response times.

The iPhone is an illustration of the Mobiletech strategy to provide a single framework for all devices and their native interaction. Whether it be the new Google Android phone or any other device, Mobiletech can provide cost saving efficiencies from using the same authoring tools for all devices, yet bringing out the best user experience of each device. Talk to Mobiletech today to find out how we can help get your message out to everyone.


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