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Video demo of Escenic Mobile Solution

Written by Jon Arne Sæterås

Product Director

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Escenic Mobile Solution demoed by Alexandra.


Mobile Web and iPhone apps, hand in hand

Written by Mobiletech

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

meny_frontbanner is a Norwegian convenience chain. Among other things, their online strategy is to utilize the personal relationship with their customers and bring added value to their shopping experience by providing dinner suggestions, food recipes and shopping lists for each customer.

Managing all this information, communicating in many channels, integrating a variety of systems can be challenging. Hence, keeping it down to one single workflow for all channels is crucial for Meny. This means that content and users (CRM) is managed one place for desktop websites, mobile web site and the iPhone application.

Their iPhone application is extremely cost efficient as the application contains a web browser that displays the iPhone optimized mobile website. This means that the contents of the iPhone app can be managed in their existing workflow and management systems while still utilizing the unique aspects of mobile web.

This way, Meny gets the best of both worlds

· Distribution in Appstore

· Low application development and maintenance cost.

· Integrated workflows

· Mobile web covering all mobile devices including applications

· Appstore business model, and Mobile Web business model available at the same time

With Mobiletech Frame this is an efficient way of distributing content across multiple platforms. Whit the web as platform and introduction of HTML5 functionality, such as offline access and local storage, mobile web based applications perform very well compared to native iPhone apps and scores much higher on flexibility.

Meny on mobile:
Meny in the Appstore: search for “Meny”.

Mobiletech and CCI Europe becomes partners

Written by Mobiletech

Friday, March 12th, 2010

118496v2v1 CCI Europe is a company with long experience in helping news publishers to get the most out of their content. Both CCI Europe  and their customers acknowledges that mobile is an important piece of this puzzle. So it is with great excitement and joy we now announce that CCI Europe and Mobiletech now are partners! The partnership will give the news publishers the possibility to harness all aspects of the mobile web in an seamless and integrated manner.

We look forward to the cooperation!

About CCI Europe

CCI is part of the Stibo Group and today the leading provider of editorial and advertising solutions for cross-media news environments.

We provide the platform to support the evolving needs of the world´s leading news organizations, and our scalable solutions help growing media brands optimize their business strategies. Constant innovation and strong customer commitment remain the cornerstones of CCI´s business model.

Our history of developing technology for the world’s leading news publishers is unrivalled. Since its establishment in 1975, CCI has delivered breakthrough solutions to media organizations around the world enabling them to develop their business in changing markets.

We continually work to enhance our offerings based on customer feedback and detailed industry knowledge. We establish close relationships with our customers for real-world experience and recommendations. Our ongoing goal is to empower our customers to manage cross-media publishing, to re-use content across properties, to enhance editorial quality and to streamline advertising sales and production.

The products of our efforts are the leading newsroom and ad sales and ad production solutions, CCI NewsDesk, CCI NewsGate and CCI AdDesk, which are renowned throughout the industry and operating in more than 100 media organizations across five continents.

CCI has approximately 200 employees working in the main office in Aarhus, Denmark, and in our offices in the US,  Germany and Australia.

SAXOTECH and Mobiletech partners up

Written by Mobiletech

Friday, March 12th, 2010

logo_saxotech Mobiletech is happy to announce a partnership with SAXOTECH. The partnership gives hundreds of content owners around the world easy access to the mobile value chain, all within their existing workflows and work processes.

SAXOTECH has a proven track record and powers many demanding customers. The growth of the mobile web fuels the customers’ demand of enabling end users to consume content on handheld devices. Hence, the partnership has excellent timing and gives immediate value to content owners.

We look forward to the mobile future!


At SAXOTECH we are dedicated to helping media companies address the changing behaviours of consumers by providing enterprise content management and monetization solutions. Today, our solutions are used by more than 600 organizations around the world. Media groups and independent companies alike use our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions to efficiently plan, create, edit and publish to multiple channels as well as to develop new revenue streams.

Our multi-channel publishing products streamline workflow, provide multi-channel distribution, increase readership, generate new revenue streams and reduce operating costs. SAXOTECH’s Online Ad Solutions increase internal efficiencies, enhance end-user experiences, maximize advertising profitability and capture local market segments. Our products and solutions deploy easily, require minimal management and are simple and intuitive to use. When combined with SAXOTECH’s managed services our products and solutions can be rapidly integrated on our Cloud platform without the need to build or deploy a costly infrastructure.

SAXOTECH also provides a full line of professional services designed to complement its suite of products and solutions. Many of our professionals have spent years in the media industry and understand the demands you face every day. From implementation, to integration, to training and to custom development, SAXOTECH’s Professional Services team is available to you to ensure predictable results and timely project completions.

SAXOTECH’s solutions and supporting services were designed with your success and profitability in mind.

Thank you all who visited us at MWC in Barcelona

Written by Jon Arne Sæterås

Product Director

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Barcelona is the perfect place for meeting interesting people with a passion for mobile, as your self. We got many new ideas and projects from you and we are eager to get going! Thank you for taking your time to meet us!

Did you miss us or did you not go to Barcelona this year? No worries, have a look at our activity calendar and book a meeting with us at one of the conferences. Closest up is mediaXchange in Orlando.

Here are some videos from the conference as well:

Michael interviewed by


John Arne interviewed by (in Norwegian)



Washington D.C.