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New Sales Director Denmark

Written by Mobiletech

Friday, January 28th, 2011

We are pleased to welcome Anne Sofie Josephsen to the Mobiletech team.

Anne Sofie will be in place as the Sales Director in Copenhagen February 1st. We are confident that she will take good care of our Danish customers.

Welcome to Mobiletech, Anne Sofie!

Mobile Apps

Written by Mobiletech

Friday, January 7th, 2011

To discuss mobile strategy and mobile apps, please contact Mobiletech:

Some mobile stats to kick off the new mobile year

Written by Jon Arne Sæterås

Product Director

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

The mobile web traffic is increasing very fast! 2009 gave us a 110% increase in Norway. 2010 gave us 150% increase in terms of page views. Unique users increased 73%. For Sweden, number of mobile page views grew by 156% and unique users by 72%.

The above graph shows the increase in unique users in Norway compared to Sweden. (The bump in the Norwegian line is because did some wired stuff, so ignore that. You’ll see the reason in the detailed graph below). The numbers are not including all Norwegian and Swedish sites, but only those listed here and here.

Click below to take a closer look at each country.

Norway:  Sweden:

These numbers are based on what Mobiletech does together with TNS-Gallup and TNS-Sifo with mobile web statistics in Norway and Sweden. The numbers are freely available. The calculation I have made is not 100% correct down to every single page view, but gives a representative view of the market.

Further, Mobiletech does stuff on our own as well so I have compiled some device statistics:

iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) was in the last month of 2010 accounting for 74% of all page views in Norway and Sweden together. Android 24% and Symbian 2%. These numbers are extracted from the top 10 devices which are:

iPhone (all versions) now used for 72% of all page views in Norway and Sweden. Nokia E71 is the only Symbian device on this top 10 list. Another observation is that no feature phones are present on the list.


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