December 16, 2009

The Washington Post powered by Mobiletech

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The Washington Post selects Mobiletech to power new mobile website.

The Washington Post has unveiled a new mobile version of its website as it seeks to catch up to and surpass the competition in the mobile arena.

The new mobile site is designed for maximum utility for local users, with customized information on things like public transportation, weather and entertainment.  And in the very near future the mobile site will let readers make restaurant reservations, buy movie tickets and get real-time traffic routes.

The Washington Post launched its first mobile site in 2007, but it does little more than convert web material to a format that makes it accessible on a mobile device. “We’ve had a product that was sub-par and it’s critical we close that gap,” says Guy Vidra, Senior Director of Business Development and Emerging Media at Washington Post Digital.

Mobiletech’s Mobile Web Framework was chosen because it enables full editorial control over the presentation and user experience of the mobile site from within Washington Post’s existing web architecture. The framework provides one single codebase, regardless of device, browser and interaction model, providing an easy setup, development and maintenance environment.

“We know real growth is in mobile and it is a top priority for us, so for the past six months, we’ve taken dramatic steps to make our new mobile site even more useful, innovative and compelling than ever. Investing in internal resources and technology, we think we’ve created something that puts us among the leaders in mobile innovation, and we are thrilled to share this with our readers,” said Goli Sheikholeslami, General Manager, Washington Post Digital in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

“We are very proud that the Washington Post has chosen the Mobiletech Mobile Web Framework as a platform for their mobile ambitions. Since the beginning, we have focused on creating the best possible user experience for the consumer yet at the same time offering flexibility and full editorial control and freedom to the content owners,” says Bjarne Solhaug, COO of Mobiletech.

Washington Post Mobile

For more information contact Bjarne Solhaug +1 301 648 3485

About The Washington Post
The Washington Post” is the largest and oldest newspaper in Washington, DC, it was founded in 1877. The newspaper became world famous in the 1970s through the Watergate scandal, when the journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein revealed the dirty games in the election campaign of President Richard Nixon. As at 30 September 2003 had “The Washington Post” a daily circulation of 768,023. It is America’s fifth largest newspaper by circulation. The newspaper is owned by The Washington Post Company, which also owns news magazine Newsweek.

About Mobiletech
Mobiletech is a software company that provides scalable and flexible products and services to enable the mobile web. Mobiletech was founded in 2005 and has grown to become a leading worldwide provider of advanced mobile enabling software and services for major media companies, brands and corporations. The Mobiletech Mobile Web Framework covers all the tools and elements needed to enable an engaging presence on the mobile web and removes the technical complexity of delivering content to multiple devices, browsers and networks.

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