March 30, 2009

Aftenposten Mobile

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Norway’s third biggest online newspaper, Aftenposten, has recently gone live with an innovative mobile site using Mobiletech’s Frame rendering software. Not only have they developed a site which adapts to all devices (including the iPhone) they have also gone about it in a very modern way.

After years of experience in mobile, including working with ASP hosted approaches, Aftenposten has chosen Mobiletech’s Frame delivery to power their mobile channel. With Frame, Aftenposten’s own internal staff were able to write jsp-code using Mobiletech’s tag library to develop the mobile pages they wanted. Rather than code for each specific device, Aftenposten was also able to choose a single template and widget framework which in turn created mark-up specifically for each device – while utilising the best features of each. Now Aftenposten are totally self sufficient in the mobile channel, having the editorial freedom and control to deliver content to their readers when, how and where they want it.

Total time between software delivery to a live site was only 5 weeks. The site now contains all the sections you would expect from a newspaper plus a city guide and mobile TV channel – all of which work across compatible devices. We think the team at Aftenposten have done an amazing job. Check it out on your mobile and we think you will agree.

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