March 13, 2008

INMA talks Mobile Marketing

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INMA, Norway’s Interactive Marketing Association, highlights Mobiletech’s case studies as examples of mobile marketing successes.

INMA, Norway’s Interactive Marketing Association, has recently released a new section of their website devoted to mobile marketing. There is information about marketing strategies, SMS campaigns, banner ads, success factors and the future trends in this rapidly developing channel.  INMA is using several of Mobiletech’s success stories as case studies in their online guide to mobile marketing. Among the examples were:

Gule Sider: Norway’s Yellow Pages as an example of personalisation of user interface where Gule Sider customises each search page using the Mobiletech’s sophisticated CRM tools. Positioning is another element which further enhances the usefulness and relevance of this site.

Ali Kaffe: A fully integrated SMS campaign involving TV, print, mobile and Web, where the aim was to invite people to send in MMS pictures related to Ali Kaffe’s current TV campaign. The results showed that customers are more than willing to interact with brands over the mobile.

Handelshøyskolen BI: Norway’s School of Business used mobile banners to attract new students. This initiative achieved the highest response rate out of all their available channels. You can read more about BI campaign here.

INMA’s conclusion is that mobile marketing must take into account the unique aspects of the mobile channel such as time, place and personal nature. With Mobiletech toolset, Dextella, we make it easy for brands to exploit the unique opportunities of the mobile. As INMA points out, this is something that our customers are utilising today with impressive results.

You can read the IMNA report here (Norwegian)

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