July 11, 2008

Mobiletech announces iPhone support in Dextella

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(Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden 11th of July 2008)
In time for today’s worldwide launch of the 3G iPhone, Mobiletech has released enhanced support for the iPhone. Mobiletech’s new iPhone support means that now all of Mobiletech’s customers can have iPhone friendly version of their mobile sites which make use of the iPhone’s unique user interface and powerful iPhone specific features.

Sweden’s largest morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) is Mobiletech’s first customer live with iPhone specific features on their mobile portal (mobil.dn.se). DN’s mobile site now utilises the best features of the iPhone to create a mobile newspaper experience which is optimized for the iPhone user. Enhanced features, such as providing fingertip sized controls to make it easier for user to navigate, sliding pages, fading images, AJAX and javascript, mean that DN´s iPhone users will enjoy an experience which is simple and fun to use. The support for iPhone is built into the same mobile portal framework as DN currently uses without compromising support for other phone models. Mobiletech’s device detection capabilities also eliminates the need for an iPhone specific URL.

Johan Brandt, Director DN Mobile says, “iPhone invites end users to surf, and has affected our view and demands on mobile internet. Therefore we are optimizing our mobile site to iPhone´s screen and functionality, ready for today’s launch of the device in the Swedish market”.

“Dagens Nyheter has been at the forefront of the mobile newspaper revolution. By enabling enhanced iPhone support on their portal, DN will give its mobile readers the best experience on their new iPhone from its launch”, says Anders Holen, CEO Mobiletech Sweden.

“The iPhone has revolutionized the mobile internet industry with its compelling looks and ease of use. Hence, it is only natural for Mobiletech to build support for iPhone.features into Dextella, Mobiletech’s service delivery platform”, says Espen Askvik, CEO Mobiletech.

About Mobiletech:
Mobiletech (www.mobiletech.no) is an independent Norwegian software company that delivers a complete range of products and services to enable rich and engaging communication through mobile devices. Mobiletech was founded in 2005 and is the power behind advanced mobile services for major media companies, operators and other corporations in Scandinavia. Mobiletech has a dedicated team of passionate professionals with skills in mobile web publishing, transaction based services, telecoms, banking and mobile technology. Mobiletech has offices in Norway (Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim), Sweden (Stockholm) and USA (Washington DC).

About Dagens Nyheter:
Dagens Nyheter is Sweden’s largest morning newspaper with a daily circulation of some 350 000 copies and over one million unique visitors at DN.se. DN is independent; stands free from political parties, organizations and financial interests and work in a liberal and broadminded tradition. The company is a part of the Bonnier Group, one of the leading media houses in Europe.

For more information:
Espen Askvik, CEO Mobiletech, +47 994 664 94,

Anders Holen, CEO Mobiletech Sweden, +46 (0)70 946 19 67,

Johan Brandt, Director DN MobileTel: +46 (0)8 738 15 75/Mob:+46 (0)70 538 12 18, johan.

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