April 16, 2008

Mobiletech’s customer seminar

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On Tuesday 8 April Mobiletech held it’s first customer seminar and we had a great day discussing mobile services and their possibilities.

The COO, Christian Erichsen, has opened the event by talking about how Mobiletech as a company has grown from being a small enterprise to one of the most important in Scandinavia among mobile internet providers. He undelined that it became possible only because of great support and engagement of Mobiletech’s clients, who were and still are constantly working with us to develop new features and products.

The Mobiletech Head of Product Development , Jon Arne Sæterås, summerised general developments and progress in the mobile business sector in 2007. He also introduced our new functionality features, that will have an impact on 2008 and the future of mobile internet in the years to come. Some of the issues he raised were: transcoding, off-portal access, new design elements affecting the mobile lay-out, measurements in the mobile channel and new possibilities in Dextella.

The Felix lunch buffet was no disappointment either, with all kinds of food and deserts, giving us new energy for the next sessions.

Alexandra Solheim from Escenic

Alexandra Solheim from Escenic

Alexandra Solheim from Escenic demonstrated how Dextella and Escenic frame work together, bringing to life The Escenic mobile solution, which makes it easy for content owners to administrate both web and mobile portals in the same user interface.
The Content Manager Pål Askvik showed how to use Dextella dialog, publish and ads and the way these products work together to form a total mobile experience. Building a customer database of mobile consents for communication, sending messages to bring customers to the mobile portals and showing how easy it is to create a lottery – were some of the functions demonstrated on the day. Pål also demonstrated how to use the image blog and how it easily can be a part of any customer site. Dextella ads is the new way of doing advertising in the mobile channel. Accurate measurements according to views, clicks and CTR make it easy to spot the effect of a given banner campaign. All attending clients received a seminar-offer to start using Dextella ads for free on their existing portals.

Our Sales Manager, Lars Ragnar Kristiansen, described three different customer cases where the mobile strategy has been defined, implemented and demonstrated good results.

  • BI – recruiting new students via mobile campaign.
  • Telenor – defining the mobile channel as the most important in dialog marketing towards the mobile customers.
  • Plan Norge – using the mobile channel to recruit more sponsors for children. Amazing results using SMS response with name look up and direct registration.

Mobiletech will make customer seminars a frequent event. It is a great way to contribute and share our knowledge and experience, get to know our customers better and understand customer needs.


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