June 27, 2007

Mobiletech’s developers dotmobi-certified

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Mobiletech's developers dotmobi certified.
Mobiletech’s developers dotmobi certified.

The dotmobi initiative has recently launched a certification program for developers. This is the only certification available for mobile developers today. Several of Mobiletech’s developers have already passed the exam and are entitled to use the title “certified mobile developer”. 

For our customers this certification is a hallmark. All products and services delivered by Mobiletech are market leading in terms of utilizing the opportunities and handle the constraints in the mobile channel.

Why be tethered to the Internet on a PC when you no longer need to? Now you can choose when and how to get the content you need.
Your mobile phone gave you freedom from having to talk at home or use public telephones.
Your mobile phone now gives you freedom from having to access the Internet only at home or from
having to carry a bulky laptop and hoping you can find a “WiFi” signal.
dotMobi fulfills the promises made by the Internet for consumers: you can access the information
you need, where and when you need it. So while you’re walking around the city, sitting on a train or
waiting at the airport, you can suf the Web when you want.
dotMobi makes mobility possible. A site with a .mobi address works on any mobile phone and gives you content that “makes sense” on a mobile phone, keeping you connected wherever you are.

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