February 4, 2008

Newspapers riding the mobile wave

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Newspapers riding the mobile wave.

Drammens Tidende (DT), one of Norway’s largest local newspapers, recently launched a tailored newspaper edition especially for the mobile channel. DT’s mobile readers can now access news on the go, which is edited and presented for each reader’s mobile device. Articles contain brief summaries, which enable readers to get an overview of the story at a glance, or click futher to read the complete version. One of the most popular sections is the one covering Drammen’s local football team, Strømsgodset.
DT is also a leading newspaper in the area of interactive engagement with readers through the mobile channel. DT has a dedicated short code 03232 which readers use to send in stories, to make comments on articles and to alert reporters of breaking news. Users can also send videos and pictures via MMS using the same short code which enables multimedia stories to be updated on the desktop on both Web- and mobile editions.
In addition to mastering the mobile interactivity, DT has also implemented Dextella Ads, a powerful tool to manage and display ads on the mobile. DT can now place targeted and time sensitive ads on all their mobile pages. These ads change automatically based on the content of the page and the users’ demographics, such as location, where available.
Check out http://mobil.dt.no/ for a look at the future of mobile newspapers

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