November 20, 2007

Rema 1000

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Rema 1000 customers go mobile

Rema 1000 is Norway’s largest grocery chain with nearly 400 stores all over Norway. Mobiletech has provided Rema 1000 with a mobile website that contains a vast number of delicious meat, fish and poultry recipes. The service includes “Dinner tip of the day” and an option for customers to sign up for weekly alerts delivered every Friday and Saturday. The recipes are presented with an attractive picture and are easy to read and follow. This is a great example of the advantage Mobiletech’s products are bringing to low-cost commodity companies like Rema 1000 and their customers. Now Rema 1000 customers can easily access recipes wherever they are, even while they are shopping right there in the store!
Go ahead and give the new service a try by sending the SMS: Rema to 2229 or type directly into your mobile browser.

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