July 31, 2008

Swedish Gota Media launches five mobile newspapers

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Gota Media, one of the strong media enterprises in Sweden, launched five new mobile newspaper sites in the end of May 2008, using Mobiletech’s Dextella platform.

Gota Media has launched five new mobile newspaers: Smålandsposten, http://mobil.smp.se (http://www.smp.se), Barometern, http://mobil.barometern.se, (http://www.barometern.se), Borås Tidning, http://mobil.bt.se, (http://www.bt.se), Blekinge Läns Tidning, http://mobil.blt.se, (http://www.blt.se) and Oskarshamns-Tidningen, http://mobil.ot.se (www.ot.se).
In addition to dynamic and aesthetic outlook of news flows, these mobile newspaper sites also include guides to “what goes on” in their local areas, restuarant guides with daily menus and also job-ads.

Mathias Carlsson, the Project Manager in Gota Media, says: “We are very satisfied with our new mobile portals, and we’ve done more with this project than we anticipated. Although introducing mobile sites was a new experience for Gota Media, we are very pleased with the results and the cooperation with Mobiletech”. 

This is Gota Media’s first move into the mobile channel, and the launch was very successful. Now the media company is planning to actively promote the mobile editions of the papers in order to increase popularity and traffic, and also add new exciting services. 

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