July 24, 2008

TNS Gallup announces that it will now start measuring the use of the mobile internet by …

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(Oslo, July 24th 2008) TNS Gallup announces that it will now start measuring the use of the mobile internet by launching TNS Mobile in Norway.

Use of internet via mobile phone is rapidly increasing and content and service providers are continuing to create new and improved services specifically designed for the mobile internet. To measure the growth of this market, TNS Gallup has introduced a common currency to measure user behaviour across participating mobile internet sites.

TNS Gallup has made an agreement with Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association, to start providing the measurement of mobile internet usage. The agreement will come into action during summer 2008 and official site traffic will be published from August 2008. The traffic reports will be based on a combined solution from Mobiletech and TNS Gallup. Mobiletech is behind the technology which collects raw data while TNS Gallup analyses and reports on the data. The data is collected from the mobile handset, and the mobile operators’ own network systems. The technology measures the content that the user has actually seen, which makes the measurement very reliable. The data collected is independent of operator, the end user’s handset and other technological platforms and infrastructure.

- Members of the Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association have been leaders in developing user friendly mobile services. However a reliable measurement of the mobile internet has not been available up until now.  This agreement with TNS Gallup will give us reliable numbers that can be compared across a number of media assets, so we are very happy that the numbers are going to be published, says Geir Engen, Manager Digital Media, Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association.

- TNS Gallup is proud to be the first to publish traffic data based on this technology. The mobile phone is becoming an increasing important tool to access the internet. The biggest content providers have now established a common currency. This is important for more and more companies choosing to advertise on the mobile internet. TNS Gallup and Mobiletech have succeeded in making a high quality solution in response to demand from the market, says Gudbrand Jevne, General Manger TNS Gallup.

- We have long seen the need for accurate measurement of mobile internet usage and we believe the common currency will have a positive impact on media companies, advertisers and end users. The measurement system is based on technology developed internally by Mobiletech and is more accurate than solutions available up until now. Norway is on the forefront in the development of the mobile internet and this collaboration between  the media companies, TNS Gallup and Mobiletech is strengthening this position, says Espen Askvik, CEO Mobiletech.

About Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association

Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association is the media trade- and tariff organisation in Norway. Our main objectives are to contribute to a diverse, independent and economically healthy industry, secure editorial independence, and work towards securing an overall framework beneficial to the industry’s competitiveness and profitability, thereby securing jobs within the industry.

The organisation counts approx. 311 member businesses, of which 172 are newspapers, 21 printing offices, 26 distribution companies, 24 TV companies, 13 advertising groups, 15 media groups, 11 magazines, 9 multimedia companies, 3 press agencies, 2 radio stations and 1 advertising company. 14 companies are defined in the member group others. The Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association is a member of the Confederation of Norwegian Business, and is the main negotiator vis a vis the labour unions in the media industry. Our managing director is Mr. Arvid Sand.

About TNS Gallup

TNS Gallup is a part of TNS. TNS is a market information group. We are the world’s largest custom research company and a leading provider of social and political polling. We are also a major supplier of consumer panel, TV, radio and print audience measurement and media intelligence services.

TNS operates a global network spanning 70 countries and employs over 13,000 people. We provide market information and measurement, together with insights and analysis, to local and multinational organisations.

We combine our specialist sector knowledge with expertise in the areas of new product development, motivational research, brand and advertising research and stakeholder management to bring our clients up-to-the minute, internationally consistent information.

We think differently to help our clients build competitive advantage, making TNS the sixth sense of business.

About Mobiletech:

Mobiletech (www.mobiletech.no) is an independent Norwegian software company that delivers a complete range of products and services to enable rich and engaging communication through mobile devices. Mobiletech was founded in 2005 and is the power behind advanced mobile services for major media companies, operators and other corporations in Scandinavia. Mobiletech has a dedicated team of passionate professionals with skills in mobile web publishing, transaction based services, telecoms, banking and mobile technology. Mobiletech has offices in Norway (Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim), Sweden (Stockholm) and USA (Washington DC).

For more information:

TNS Gallup, Harald Kittelsen, Project Manager, Tlf: +47 48 11 84 85, e-mail: Harald.Kittelsen@tns-gallup.no

Mobiletech, Espen Askvik, CEO, Tlf: +47 99 46 64 94, e-mail:

Mediebedriftenes Landsforening, Geir Engen, Manager Digital Media, Tlf: +47 22 86 12 47, e-mail: geir.

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