Mobile Metrics

Knowing you users and how they behave on your sites is important information when you are implementing your mobile strategi. Mobiletech Metrics is a product collecting data about mobile web usage with extremely high quality. The data collection uses best practices from both the mobile space and the traditional web space.

The measurement is implemented by placing a “probe” on each page. This “probe” can either be an image tag or a javascript.

Reference implementations are TNS-Sifo and TNS-Gallup who are providing the “official currency” of mobile web traffic respectively in Sweden and Norway.

Key features

  • 95,5% accuracy on identifying unique users on mobile.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Handles cross-over between carrier networks and wi-fi.
  • Examples of dimensions available: device, browser, carrier, network type, users, sessions, pageviews etc.
  • Can be used in native applications such as iPhone or Android apps.

Product sheet Mobiletech Measure (275.2 KiB)


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