Mobile Router

With the Mobile Router there is no longer need for communication two URLs for the same site. Traditionally there have been a “” or “” for mobile phones, and a “”” for desktop browsers. And lately also “” have entered the space.

mobile_routerThe Mobile Router is a piece of software that is installed on your front-end servers, analysing all requests and redirecting the device to the proper presentation mode or site.

Previous installations have proven that after installing this software the mobile web traffic on your portal will increase by approximately 50% over night. More importantly, the users comes back.

The Mobile Router is available in several different implementations and technologies fitting into most operational environments. Examples are Apache modules, HA-Proxy, Microsoft IIS, Java, PHP and more.

Key features

  • High performance
  • Easy install
  • Increase traffic to mobile portal by 50% overnight
  • Flexible cofiguration

Product sheet Mobiletech Router (204.8 KiB)


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