Mobiletech Frame

“Frame” is Mobiletechs offering for creating advanced mobile web sites. Mobiletech Frame offers a unique, modern and future compliant approach to adapting content and presentation to the mobile context.

Mobiletech Frame is built on proved enterprise grade technology using Java and open source.

Mobiletech Frame makes it easy to utilise the unique aspects of the mobile phone or handheld device. The following dimensions are available in the framework when building a mobile web site:


  1. Device data
    Device name and capabilities.
  2. Browser
    Capabilities of the browser on the device.
  3. Connectivity
    Information regarding how the end user is connected to internet. I.e. which carrier, connection speed or if user is connected over wi-fi.
  4. Location
    Location either from the carriers network, GPS in the device or IP location.
  5. User data
    Means of connecting to the end users social context. For example Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.

Still, even if Mobiletech Frame provides very advanced and future proof options, the basic features needed for small screen rendering is still covered:

  • Image transcoding
  • Multiserving of mark-up
  • Device database
  • Compress mark-up to decrease data traffic
  • Viewport control


Mobiletech Frame provide three layers.

The tag library provides the basic functionality such as access to device data and other context dependent data. This information can be used when creating and adapting the site to the end users device, browser and general mobile context.

The widget layer is a higher abstraction layer providing advanced snipplets of functionality. Examples of a widget is a menu, slideshow, twitter, etc. These widgets are created with a minimum of code lines and the widget engine will adapt the presentation and implementation to the mobile context. Mark-up, css and JavaScript are packaged together completely transparent to the content owner or developer.

The template layer is where all widgets, 3rd party services and content is melting together and defining how the page or site will look.

Deployment models

Mobiletech Frame is available in several different deployment models dependent on your needs and how to fit into your workflow:

  1. Fully hosted on Mobiletech Service Platform
  2. Remote Software deployment – standalone
  3. Remote Software deployment – integrated
  4. Remote Software deployment – including publishing and configuration tool
  5. Escenic Mobile Solution


Product sheet Mobiletech Frame (258.5 KiB)


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