Product life cycle

Mobiletech is committed to give notification in advance of planned changes to-, and/or the availability of support for products within the products affected by this agreement.

The lifecycle defines these phases of support:

  • Active support – when a product, or version of a product, is actively distributed and promoted by Mobiletech’s sales team
  • Extended support – when a product, or version of a product, is no longer actively distributed and promoted by Mobiletech’s sales team, but before retirement is called
  • Product retirement – when a product, or version of a product, is called to be retired

The activities in the lifecycle phases described as follows:

Minor releasesService releasesDevelopment supportDeployment support 
Usage scenariosPatch support 
Active supportYesYesYesYesYesYes
Extended supportNoNoYesYesYesYes
Product retirementNoNoNoYesYesNo

Customers with support needs that extend the Active support timeframe can negotiate custom agreements.

Types of releases

Mobiletech uses these types of releases and release numbering. The release number follows this format: <MajorReleaseNo>.<MinorReleaseNo>.<ServiceReleaseNo>. I.e. 2.1.2.

Major release

Major releases are identified by the first number in the version identification: 1.x.x.

These releases contains typically:

  • New functionality
  • Changes in application design
  • Backwards compatibility is aspired to, but not guaranteed.

Minor release

Minor releases are new releases of a major release. I.e. x.1.x.

These releases contains typically

  • New functionality
  • Minor changes in design
  • All minor releases are guaranteed backwards compatible within the major release number.

Service release/patch

Service releases or patches to a minor release is identified by: x.x.1

These releases contains typically

Bug fixes

  • General application maintenance.

Product Retirement

If Mobiletech consider it necessary to retire a product, version of a product, or support for a product/version of a product, a retirement notice will be distributed to affected parties. This notice will be given no less than six (6) months before actual time of retirement. After this period, no support will be provided related to the product/version of product.


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