February 4, 2008

Plan Norge and Pop Idol team up to help children

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Pop Idol, Plan Norge and Mobiletech team up for child poverty.

Plan Norge is Norway’s largest sponsor-a-child organisation. Together with the crew from Pop Idol they launched a TV campaign to increase the number of sponsors all over Norway. The judges, hosts and contestants from all five seasons, (including Norway’s world champion Pop Idol, Kurt Nilsen) joined together to help Plan Norge find new sponsors and raise awareness for HIV and child poverty.
The solution included a hosted short code with key words and a micro site. TV viewers sent an SMS in response to an on screen request and received back an SMS with an embedded URL. Users then clicked on the link to register as a new child sponsor. Mobiletech’s SMS gateway was utilised for this event.
Sandro Parmeggiani of Plan Norge says “This is a fairytale. It is almost crazy. I had never dreamt we would get this many sponsors. I had thought we would get 6-7000 new sponsors and then we got 15000!”
Plan Norge now has the functionality to run multiple campaigns using the same call to action to sign up users. In fact, the mobile channel accounts for a third of all new child sponsors at a fraction of the cost of traditional sign up techniques such as call centres and unsolicited mail-outs.
Way to go Plan Norge! 5,000 new children now have a new chance thanks to Pop Idol and Mobiletech.

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