Messaging gateway

The Messaging Gateway is an independent product that acts as an abstraction and value adding layer on top of the mobile operators’ interfaces. The messaging gateway ensures superior performance, and sends and receives any kind of messages: SMS, MMS, WAP-push, binary messages such as bookmarks and more.

mobiletch_messaging_gatewayThe interaction with the gateway is based on the standard internet protocols and built with ease of use and high performance in mind.

The messaging gateway is also able to host short numbers on behalf of the customers. All advanced features will be available for the customer and high performance is guaranteed.

The gateway offers both internationally accessible short codes and premium messages in defined markets.

The gateway is in use by several of the major mobile operators and players in the Scandinavian market.

Key features

  • High performance
  • Short code hosting
  • Carrier grade
  • SMS, MMS, WAP-push and binary messages supported
  • Flexible and easy to use API
  • Two-way messages via keywords
  • Shared short codes available
  • Bulk messages
  • Premium messaging

Product sheet Mobiletech Messaging Gateway (205.1 KiB)


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