Mobile Web

Mobiletech believes in the mobile web as the platform for all applications, services, portals and sites. With our offering it is easy to create very advanced, user friendly and value adding mobile web services running in any browser on any device while utilising all unique aspects and capabilities in the mobile channel in general, and on the device and browser in specific.


Mobiletch Frame is a flexible and powerful framework that is the basis of our mobile web offering. This framework provides all you need to create a state of the art mobile web presence.

The Viz Mobile Expansion is Mobiletech Frame wrapped to fit into the Escenic publishing system. This provides a unified workflow for the editors as well as a seamless integration to technical value chain.

EPiServer is another example of work flow integration. The EPiServer plugin mobilizes editorial content in EPiServer and feeds the content to the Mobiletech Service Platform enabling Mobiletech Frame to present it perfectly to the end user.

The Mobile Router enables the use of the same URL both for mobile sites and sites made for desktop browsers. We provide this different flavours to fit into your hosting environment.


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